How to export your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader

Google Takeout - Reader

By now, most of the web is abuzz with news of Google axing its Google Reader, which is a platform that most bloggers, including me, identify with. I've lived with Google Reader open while I worked for several years, either via FeedDemon and also directly. With the demise of Google Reader, Nick has also decided to kill FeedDemon, most of you might already be hunting for alternatives.

FeedDemon + Google Reader = Bye Bye other feed readers


I'm sure most of you have heard of it already, but FeedDemon now includes synchronization for Google Reader as well as the already existing Newsgator, which has been a part of it ever since the beginning. I've been using FeedDemon for several years now and the best part of it is the complete synchronization it has with Newsgator. I've been running the beta versions and it's turning out better with time.

FeedDemon 3

There are quite a few RSS readers out there and after taking a look at a few of them I stumbled upon FeedDemon. To be more specific FeedDemon 3, which is currently in it's beta state and is available for download here. For those who have never used FeedDemon, it is a really neat and clean RSS reader that makes keeping track of and reading your feeds extremely easy.

FeedDemon 2.8 RC1 released – Now with Ads

The first release candidate of FeedDemon is out today and the major changes are: Added: Embedded ads via The Deck Added: Cleanup Wizard and Panic Button can now be limited to specific folders Added: Separate confirmation before removing a feed, watch or clippings folder that contains tagged items Changed: Simplified Cleanup Wizard (now a simple dialog instead of a wizard) Changed: Cleanup Wizard now defaults to not removing tagged items Fixed: Embedded video overlaps fixed header in newspaper (only partially fixed in previous versions) Fixed: "Share" icon fails when synching with NGES (150640) Fixed: Clicking the previously selected feed/folder doesn't refresh the newspaper In a post on his blog, Nick talks about the decision to make this move. I purchased FeedDemon two years back and last year the software was released for free. The ad is rather non-obtrusive which is a good thing.

FeedBlitz introduces Embedded Subscription Forms

Using FeedBlitz or any third party service requires your visitors to move away from your site when they are subscribing or using that service. Google's Custom Search Engine as well as Adsense for Search ensured that visitors stayed on your site by embedding custom forms on pages of your site. Now, FeedBlitz has introduced Embedded Subscription Forms.

FeedBlitz Changes Its TOS – Lists with 5000+ Subscribers Effected

FeedBlitz, a popular Blog to Email service has changed its Terms of Service which come into effect on August 19, 2007. The two main changes to the terms of service are: Lists with an active circulation of 5,000 or more must be on a FeedBlitz premium service (Pro, Turbo or Newsletter Edition). Ads will be inserted into subscriber emails for lists with circulations of this size until such time as they comply This is indeed a surprising change, though their reasoning for the same makes sense.