How to download a Complete Facebook Album in One go

One of the reasons why I use and prefer Firefox is because of their FireFox add-on collection. I’m currently using a few social media add-ons along with some basic online editing, capturing images, saving text and ,converting Youtube Videos to Mp3 and stuff like that. Recently I have discovered another Firefox add on that is specially designed for those of you who use Facebook everyday and would like to download a complete Image Gallery without needing a third party software.

Download 30 Days Trial Version of GVDailer

MobileMax is the worldwide provider of unified communiation and fixed mobile convergence technologies. They have recently unveiled their first mobile application for Google voice known as GVdailer. DVailer will allow users to call using their Google Voice account directly from their handsets.

Increase Download Speed up to 5 times

If you’re looking for an application that can help you increase your internet download speed and at the same time allow you to pause, resume and schedule downloads then look no more. Internet Download Manager is a popular and a free tool that speeds up your downloads up to 5 times.With its comprehensive error recovery and resume capability it will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

New Downloads Section on Techtites

Over the last few years at Techtites, we’ve covered several posts on Excel as well as tiny utilities that made life simple. These have remained in the posts and well, not everyone drops into every post! So, I finally decided to dedicate a separate section on this blog to all these home grown files along with a link to the corresponding post.

Apple Rolled Out iPod Shuffle and iTunes 8.1

Apple has rolled out their much anticipated iPod Shuffles yesterday. These new iPod adopt a more vertical shape than the previous model, but are smaller overall. People who are still interested in buying the previous generation iPod shuffles can get their hands on them.

Download Leaked version of Fennec for Windows Mobile

Firefox is not only limited to your Pcs. There is a huge demand of Firefox in the world of cell phones as well. Recently, Firefox has started a new project under the name of “Fennec” which is totally dedicated to mobile phones.

It’s a browser for mobile phones which will be similar to Firefox. It will provide Mozilla’s standards-based open-source browser engine, optimized for mobile, that can be embedded by device manufacturers and others.


Firefox Mobile is already in Alpha 2 status while the first alpha release only works with Nokia N800/N810 internet tablet. On the other hand, Mozilla says that the first beta version of Fennec for Windows Mobile and HTC touch pro has made great progress and  is planned to be released soon.’

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Free Ubuntu Pocket Guide – Starters Learning Book

If you are a Ubuntu newbie and want to learn how to install, configure Ubuntu etc, this free e-book is for you. It is written by Keir Thomas and is one of the best books for people who are new to Ubuntu and want to learn the basics. It’s a 170 Page ebook which covers everything from installation and configuration to security and command-line tricks.