WordPress 2.0.6 is out

We had reported that WordPress 2.0.5 and below version were affected by a critical security issue which could let a hacker into your site.

The WordPress theme, though silent were quick to address the issue.

They have now released WordPress 2.0.6 which fixes this issue and you are recommended to immediately upgrade to this version to ensure your site remains safe.

Besides the security fix, the following updates are included:

  • HTML quicktags now work in Safari browsers.
  • Comments are filtered to prevent them from messing up your blog layout.
  • Compatibility with PHP/FastCGI setups.
  • New anti-XSS function called attribute_escape(), and a new filter called “query” which allows you filter any SQL at runtime.

I would like to see more documentation about the new functions soon, especially the query function.

Download WordPress 2.0.6 .zip
Download WordPress 2.0.6 .tar.gz
Download Page

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