[Infographic] 4G vs. 3G – A Day in the Life of Your Internet Speed

I remember the days of dial-up and spending hours staring at the computer screen waiting for the 1Mb download to complete. My internet connection today gives me up to 10Mbps speeds and going back to anything lower is definitely a thing I dread! I have a Blackberry Torch 9800 which came out a few years back and have no plans of upgrading to a new phone just yet.

Total Network Inventory is your complete network audit solution

The following is a sponsored post on Total Network Inventory. If you’re running a small office with a network of computers in a tiny room, it is very likely that you know each computer properly, including what software is running on each. However, as you expand this is going to get more unmanageable.

VIZIO launches new range of desktops and laptops

VIZIO has launched its premium line which consists of the VIZIO Thin + Light, Notebook and All-in-One PC. The systems are powered by 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors with full HD screens and up to 1TB of hard disk space. The Thin + Light series is available in 14″ and 15.