Social Networking

The fact that I follow you on Twitter...

Twitter tip: Reduce the number of people you follow

Was the first thing that ran through your mind when you saw the title: “What if they unfollow me?”. They won’t, if they like what you’re tweeting.

Facebook - What are you doing

How to update your Facebook status with what you are doing

Facebook without doubt is the largest social network. Now you can update your Facebook status by selecting from a range of options to tell your friends what you are up to. Tell your friends how you are feeling or what music you’re listening to or which movie you’re watching.

LinkedIn adds Two Step Verification

LinkedIn is without doubt the key social network for business professionals. A few months back 6.5 million members had their passwords compromised and LinkedIn was quick to take action.

Facebook Privacy settings

Facebook introduces new Privacy shortcuts

A few weeks back, we posted about the reawakening of an age old chain message that concerned Facebook users posted in an attempt to protect their privacy. I don’t think it is in response to this, but Facebook released a new feature that aims to put privacy controls more into the hands of the users instead of tucking them away into screens they won’t get through. You’ll find the new settings in the top right of your Facebook just next to your photo.

Choose what you want to make public on Facebook

Stop posting the Berner Convention message on Facebook

It is a hoax! Over the past 24 or so hours, I’ve seen quite a few people posting this message: In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berner Convention).