LinkedIn - notifications

LinkedIn adds notifications; next step towards a better social networking experience

Over the past few months LinkedIn has been undergoing major changes in its design. The site has a cleaner interface. Adding people is also easier and you only need to scroll down to load more potential contacts.

And now, LinkedIn has added notifications to its list of features. Notifications have always existed in most social networking websites including Facebook and Google Plus.

The new notifications feature will keep you notified in real-time when someone likes what you’ve shared on LinkedIn, views your profile, accepts your invitation, etc.

LinkedIn - notifications

LinkedIn plans on adding this feature into their mobile apps. The notifications feature is being rolled out to all users and it should be a few days before everyone starts needs the notifications pop up at the top of their screen.

LinkedIn has maintained itself as a business social networking site. However, many features that it has been adding have also helped it beyond the business image. However, I definitely wouldn’t want to see LinkedIn attempting to become the new Facebook!

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