Was Hacked, Now I am back

This blog got hacked yesterday. Being stuck with my MBA, I wasn’t able to react as quickly as I hoped to.

Rishi was kind enough to message me and let me know about the same and I got down to working on this ASAP.

Got my host to restore a backup. Unfortunately, had to restore from last weeks backup which meant losing out on two posts that I made two days back. Their gone for good.

Serves me right for not upgrading my WordPress install.

No one’s taken credit for the hack, but I spent the past two hours upgrading every single software I have.


  1. Probably because I was running the old version of WP.

    The db was hacked and a search and replace performed on it.

    Backups are daily and weekly so restoring wasn’t a problem. I got a good host 😉

  2. Now I realize the importance of WordPress upgrade and necessity of weekly backup. Ajay also it would be great if you try to trace how this has happened?

  3. You never lose recent posts becaus feed readers always have them. Here are your two posts that you thought you lost:

    \”Snap Shots is now available as a Firefox Addon. If you loved the power of Snap Shots and wanted to have it on all sites, including those that didn’t have the plugin, then this one is for you.\”

    \”I wish I could say I was in this state right now, considering the lack of updates out here. But, the reason is that I am busy with MBA.

    Anyone like to write for me?\”

  4. Yeah, I’ve gone through that as well. A few of my sites were hacked, so I had to go through and run security measures on my systems and fix everything.

    The problem I faced was a lack of secure permissions for my sites, but that has obviously been fixed now.

    I’m actually starting to look at an even more secure setup and having my databases on another system that is only accessible via the LAN at the datacenter, but that should be at least another year down the line.

    Great that you have everything back up 🙂

  5. I can’t afford such a setup. Even with the db on another server, the threat is the same if the file accessing the db is compromised.

    I was able to restore it by following Ryan’s suggestion. Thank God for Newsgator and FeedDemon

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