WordPress Picks for the Week [03/03]

How to Insert Ads within your Post Content in WordPress If you’re looking to put in some advertisements in your post content, this is some really good snippets of code to add advertisements in between your post content. Display Separate Counts for Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks As the post says, you can count the number of comments, pingbacks and trackbacks separately on your blog. Curating and filtering blog post comments with WordPress and AJAX Use the field “comment_karma” to track moderated comments.

WordPress Picks for the Week [02/17]

How to get your plugin removed from the directory Mark Jaquith tells plugin authors exactly what to do get your plugin banned. Showing custom post types on your home/blog page Show several post types in addition to posts on your home page. These could be page, album, movie or quote!

WordPress Picks for the week [02/10]

Resize the image sent to the server By default, WordPress resizes your images when you upload them to the server. However, it still retains the original image and you can link to this. It is a good practice to resize your images before uploading them to the server.

WordPress Picks for the Week [02/03]

Following this week, I will be publishing the WordPress Picks series every Wednesday, instead of Sunday. 55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks I’m not a big fan of super long posts, but this is a comprehensive list of articles and tutorials regarding WordPress Load A Stylesheet Only If Use Gallery If you are using the WordPress Gallery, you should load the the stylesheet only the pages on which the gallery is displayed How to Add Content and Completely Manipulate Your WordPress RSS Feeds Some tricks on adding to customizable text to your RSS feeds. You can also do some of this with my plugin Add to Feed.

WordPress Picks for the Week [01/17]

Preventing WordPress Plugins From Loading Ronald gives you a simple hack to prevent plugins from loading, or more like selectively enabling plugins. WordPress tip : How to change the dashboard footer text This won’t be something that you will doing regularly. But, if you’re a developer, it would be perfect to brand the control panel of your client’s blog.

WordPress Picks for the Week [01/10]

Display Always All Subpages in Sidebar Michael gives you some code that will help you to display pages and subpages in the sidebar. Ideal for those sites that are powered by WordPress but designed to be actually be static in nature. Cool Things You can do with the WordPress “more” Tag I’ll let you check out this nice long post.

WordPress Picks for the Week [01/03]

How to check if a page template is active Very useful for plugin authors or theme designers who want to run a piece of code depending on if a particular page template is selected. How To: Per User Options in WordPress WordPress Guru Ozh tells you how to create options that are effective on a per user basis. Ideal of plugin authors targeting multi-author blogs.