Create a mobile version of your WordPress blog with MobStac

The mobile is taking over the world. Today, almost all mobile phones come equipped with browsers, not to forget the whole host of mobile devices out there. While most mobile browsers can easily support your normal blog theme, you might want to create a better experience for users by offering a custom look for mobile devices.

WordPress Picks for the Week [04/07]

Example How To Add Meta Boxes To Edit Area You can use custom meta fields which is a very inbuilt feature. However, WordPress also allows you to churn out some better looking boxes that are easier to use and better to work with. wpSEO vs.

WordPress Picks for the Week [03/31]

Looking forward to WordPress 3.0 You’ll see a lot of posts in the blogosphere about the upcoming release of WordPress. Justin Tadlock gives you a list of new features that you can really look forward to.

WordPress Picks for the Week [03/24]

Shortlink trick Simple piece of code to utilise any shortlink plugin that implements the “get_shortlink” function properly. Minimum WordPress Theme Requirements This one is for all you theme authors who end up missing some rather important elements in your themes. Declare Multiple Widgetized Areas This one is a really good set of code when you have a theme that has multiple widgetized areas.

WordPress Picks for the Week [03/17]

Add Fuzzy Timestamps To Your Blog By default, WordPress shows you absolute times of your posts. But, here’s how you can add a "personal" touch by displaying something like "Posted yesterday" or "Posted 4 hours back". Most Wanted Twitter Hacks and Plugins for WordPress If you’re not publicizing your blog on Twitter, then you’re definitely neglecting a major promotion tool.