Upgraded to Ella; She sure gave me trouble!

I decided to take the plunge today and upgrade to WordPress 2.1 codenamed Ella. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the easy going upgrade that Mark had.

I followed the upgrade instructions and ran /wp-admin/upgrade.php and decided to check the site. Found out that the pages were throwing up 404 errors.

Thought it to be a normal problem with the Permalinks, but regenerating them didn’t solve any issue. So I next decided to edit and resave all the pages, only to discover that the upgrade had “eaten up” all the pages.

It was kinda shocking. The user in me started panicing, while the developer in me said it was just a stupid glitch. Dug into the backup and started searching for the pages contents. Thankfully I got only seven pages out here and so recreated all of the them manually by copying the code from the backup and editing as necessary.

As of now the pages are back in order so no complains there.

I have one major problem with this version of WordPress. admin_footer for some reason doesn’t work in post-new.php, though it does work in post.php and page-new.php.

As a result my favorite image plugin doesn’t work smoothly even though I’ve got the latest version.

Any WP Developers out there reading this post?


  1. I had just a minor problem to upgrade to 2.1.
    After the first attempt, something felt wrong, so i did it again and deleted some directories and files and upload the new ones up.

    Then…no other issue.

  2. I discovered that what happens is 2.1 converts pages into posts – they all still exist, but now they’re back down inside your archives. For my pages, I’ve just gone hunting through the archives (Search is a wonderful utility for that) and then copy-pasted everything back to static pages. A bit of a headache but the only way I could get them to come back. Even going down into the tables and manually changing them from ‘published’ to ‘static’ wouldn’t resurrect them. Brute force is about the only way to go here.

  3. Yeah, it’s kind of hit-and-miss – and I’ve no idea why. Most of my blogs upgraded just fine, but a couple did that weird thing with the pages. Doubly weird, since most of my blogs use the exact same database. Whatever the cause, it’s apparently dependent on specific installations.

  4. You’re right about that. The problem though is that this cannot be repeated and predicted, unless someone whose faced the problem, immdiately reverts to the old install and tries again.
    Too much of trouble, but if you have a lot of pages that is definitely the way to go!

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