So you're telling me That I can protect my data

What’s Your Computer Disaster Plan?

Sad, but true: If you spend a lot of time on your computer, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience data storage problems at some point, whether it’s a mechanical failure or a failure on your part. In this increasingly digital world, data is becoming the most important thing you can create. When that data – personal, financial or otherwise – is lost, by golly you need to get it back.

Dropbox two step verification

How to enable 2 step verification on Dropbox

There have been concerns about the security of your files in Dropbox. Recently Dropbox added another layer of security similar to Google’s two step verification. When you enable two-step verification, whenever you want to login to Dropbox, you will need to use your password, and a security code that will either be texted to your mobile phone or generated by a mobile authenticator app (available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7).

AVG Free 2013

AVG releases AVG Free 2013

The good folks at AVG have released their latest suite of antivirus and security products. Title AVG 2013, the suite includes AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013, AVG AntiVirus 2013, AVG Internet Security 2013 and AVG Premium Security. For users of the popular free program (2nd most popular antivirus download on Download.

Internet Explorer 9 with Tracking Protection

Almost every site on the web today has some kind of tracking inbuilt, be it the simple ads that you see or the pieces of code to track site visits or even the social networking buttons. Some may retain this information as you browse from site to site, while others don’t. The power to choose who to stop tracking is present, but is limited with most browsers requiring some kind of an addon / plugin.

How to Detect the Spyware and Malware

How to Detect the Spyware and Malware Spywares and malwares are considered to be a greater threat than computer viruses. This is because the detection of a spyware or a malware in the computer is very tough and you cannot be sure that a spyware or a malware is present in the PC, until the time you notice the loss of data or the popping up of unwanted advertisements. This is the reason why it becomes highly imperative as a computer user to know how to detect as well as cure a spyware or malware attack.

Free Cloud Antivirus for Maximum Protection

Its pretty clear that we all need to have use a powerful anti-virus software to protect our computer from possible threats. It’s important that we make sure to check if its making all the updates with the newest virus definitions and do a full system scan to stay protected all the time. This may use a lot of system resource while in use and eventually slows down your Pc.

Protect your email from spam with

Fed up of spam in your Inbox, especially from forums, social networking sites, websites etc. where you shared your email at one point of time? is a new service that allows you to convert your email into a URL that ensures that a user keen on finding out your email goes the extra step.

You can begin by entering your email address on the site and choosing a URL.


Hit Protect my email and you’re email address will, well,… be protected!


You can then enter the URL of your choice in Twitter, Facebook, in HTML pages, on your blog, in forums etc.

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Eight Applications to protect you from Autorun.inf viruses

Last week we covered 5 Websites to Scan for Viruses Online. This week we continue the fight against viruses with ten pieces of completely free software that will help protect you from autorun.inf viruses.

The autorun.inf file is used to automatically launch applications on CDs / DVDs / Flash drives etc. This becomes really useful when you want to display a menu that allows the user to view the contents of the CD or to start presentations and so on.

However, over the last two years the autorun.inf file has been used by viruses and worms to automatically launch themselves and thus effect computers. These viruses are all from less harmful blocking of sites (like the popular Orkut virus) to wrecking total havoc on your system requiring a complete reinstall of the operating system.

Since then, antivirus software have become smarter at detecting and removing these viruses and worms. In addition to this, you have a complete dedicated set of applications that help you protect your computer from autorun.inf viruses.

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of them.

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5 Websites to Scan for Viruses Online

When it comes to security I prefer a reliable anti-virus that can minimize the risk of an infection and protect your PC from any harm. A good way to do is by scanning your computer for viruses online. Advantage of scanning these files online is that the engine used by the scanner is usally up to date and the risk of a virus infection of the virus scanner is not present.