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Five Tips to Secure Your Gmail Usage

Last week, MakeUseOf reported more domains being stolen, all owned by Gmail users. Brandon from GeekCondition reported a proof of concept. However, Google has replied stating that Gmail has no vulnerabilities.

In this post I’ll highlight a few tips on how to use Gmail safely. These apply to Google Apps as well.

Tip 1: Always use https

Gmail offers you the option to force usage of https always. You can activate the same by navigating to Settings > General.

Set Gmail to Always use https

Tip 2: Check your filters regularly

Regularly check your Gmail filters to see that there are no unknown filters or redirects. You can access the filters at Settings > Filters.

Tip 3: Check where you are entering your login information

Before entering your login information, stop and take a look at the address bar of your browser. Always login only if the address starts with http://www.google.com/accounts/

Check your addressbar before entering login information

Tip 4: Check your account activity

At the bottom of every screen in Gmail you have a thin line called Last Account Activity.

Monitor your Last Account Activity

You can click on Details to view information of where all you are currently logged in as well as Signout of all activity.

Activity on this account

Tip 5: Logout when you are done checking mail

Once you have finished checking your email, hit the signout button at the top right. Do this especially if you are sitting on a shared computer. As a added security, clear the browser cache, cookies and temporary files after signing out.

Do you have any others tips that you use for securely browsing your Gmail account? Comment below.

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