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Easily Manage Browsing Sessions in Google Chrome

There is no such feature in Google Chrome which allows users to manage their sessions so that they can be opened later. Today, we came across an excellent extension for Google Chrome, Session Manager, which enables users to manage their session in Google Chrome and open them

Edit and Annotate Images Online with PhotoRem

If you are a blogger, having a good photo editing software is really important so that you can easily edit screenshots which can be used in posts. There are many software on the internet which enable users to edit photos but the problem is that most of

Easily Send Files via Email With SecurelySend

Online file sharing is becoming really popular as you can send and receive files online within seconds. You can send documents, music files, videos and much more without any problem. There are many sites which enable users to send and receive files online but, the only drawback

Easily Translate Text and Web Pages in Google Chrome

When you are searching for something on the internet, you might come across websites which are not in your native languages. There are online services like Google Translate which can be used to translate words in to other languages but that can be time consuming. To get