Easily Send Files via Email With SecurelySend

Online file sharing is becoming really popular as you can send and receive files online within seconds. You can send documents, music files, videos and much more without any problem. There are many sites which enable users to send and receive files online but, the only drawback is that most of the sites ask you to pay or buy membership. Today, we came across an excellent free web service, SecurelySend, which enables users to send files via email.


SecurelySend is an excellent free web service which allows users to send files up to 200MB to any friend or family. Sending the file to other people is really simple and straight forward. All you have to do is enter the email address of the recipient, attach the file and simply click Send It. With free Securely Send, you can send 5 files per month and you can be confident that it will reach your recipient. You can also buy paid pricing plans which are really cheap and enable you to send large files with other options as shown below.


In conclusion, SecurelySend is an excellent and easy to use web service to send and receive files via email.

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