CAGR in Excel - Dataset

3 ways to calculate CAGR in Microsoft Excel

You’ve come across the term CAGR and want to know how to calculate it in Excel? This post gives you three different ways to do so in Microsoft Excel. But, first, let’s understand what CAGR is.


Excel Tutorial: INDEX MATCH primer

Two weeks, we looked at the syntax of VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH. Last weeks tutorial should have walked you through the basics of VLOOKUP. In this post, we’ll use a similar file from the VLOOKUP tutorial to find a value from the table using INDEX and MATCH.

Schedule Office Shifts Online with FindMyShift

Working at the call center was one of the best experiences I have ever earned. Like any other company we also had issues and the one that annoyed me the most was the one with our scheduling. I don’t think anyone appreciates the fact when your boss calls you at an unexpected time and tells to show up at the office in a different shift.

ProduKey (Tool Tuesday)

So, you realize it is time to reinstall your operating system and all the other software that you require. And then you realize, “Now where did I put those serials!” This is where ProduKey comes to the rescue.

Excel Tutorial: SUMIF with Multiple Conditions

The title of the post is a bit of a misnomer because the SUMIF function in Excel does not allow you to have more than condition. Excel 2007 introduced the SUMIFS function which allowed for multiple conditions. However, if you are using any version prior to Excel 2007 or if the persons who will be using your Excel workbook will be using a version prior to Excel 2007, then the SUMIF function will throw up an error.

Office Live Workspace vs Google Docs

In Office Live Workspace vs Google Docs: Feature-by-Feature Comparison, Sarah Perez gives us an extremely detailed comparison of Office Live and Google Docs, two of the biggest competitors in the fight for the best online office suite.