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Working at the call center was one of the best experiences I have ever earned. Like any other company we also had issues and the one that annoyed me the most was the one with our scheduling.

I don’t think anyone appreciates the fact when your boss calls you at an unexpected time and tells to show up at the office in a different shift. I have a better way that might prove to be quiet useful by helping you schedule time for you or your staff from anywhere anytime you want.

FindMyShift is a free web application that is responsible to give you a better office experience. It is a one of the simplest,most cost effective staff scheduling solutions that allows you and your staff to manage and view scheduled shifts remotely. It provides you with direct on-screen editing so that you can make any chances or updates on the schedule.

The whole process is quick simple. You can even use the “Drag and Drop” feature to add entries, text message your staff within the schedule and track your day to day costs with build-in reports.

To get started click “Create a Schedule” and enter details.


Enter the name of your employees and process to step 3 where you can add date and time and schedule their shifts for the next week totally free of cost.


Key features include

  • Simple on-screen schedule editing
  • Drag and drop with your mouse
  • Type directly into the staff schedule
  • Text message updates to your staff
  • Nothing to install or download
  • Unlimited staff & facilities
  • Budget and track your staff costs
  • Manage holiday requests
  • 100% PC & Mac compatible

Note that the free version of FindMyShift limits your scheduling to one week forward and backward. If you think this is a useful tool you can use in future check out their pricing list here.

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  1. Onyaka is another free staff scheduling web app that goes further that this and actually calculates the shifts on a fair basis.

    At the same time all the assigned shifts can be overwritten by the manager that makes the tool highly flexible.

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