Add Glowing Effect to Text in Seconds

If you’re looking for a free web service that allows you to add glow to your text so that you can use it on your online profile or anywhere else for that matter then check out GlowTxt. It is an excellent free tool that lets you add glow to your text within a matter of seconds. To get started all you have to do is 1.

3 Safest Ways to Share your Documents Online

Featuring some of the most helpful web applications that provides you to safest way to share important documents online. I personally like because it offers realtime rich-media streaming collaboration and chat like never before.

Easiest Way to Create and Share Online Surveys

I earlier wrote about how you can create polls on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Today, I’ve discovered a different tool that is a little different from twtpoll. Unlike twtpoll, Zoomerang allows you to add multiple questions at a time.

How to Hyperlink a Specific part of a photo

I earlier reviewed a few web services that allows you to add funny effects to your pictures online within a matter of seconds. The process on each website is almost the same. You simply have to upload your picture and choose an effect.

Manage Twitter Account Online with TweePular

Something useful for those who tweet a lot and have tons of followers on Twitter. A free Twitter application which not only lets you to buck follow and unfollow users but also check who is mutually following you Tweepular is the Ultimate Twitter Manager that is jam packed with many useful features that helps you manage all your tasks in simplest way possible. It provides you complete details regarding who is following you, who is not along with deep dive data into you fellow Tweeps.

Schedule Office Shifts Online with FindMyShift

Working at the call center was one of the best experiences I have ever earned. Like any other company we also had issues and the one that annoyed me the most was the one with our scheduling. I don’t think anyone appreciates the fact when your boss calls you at an unexpected time and tells to show up at the office in a different shift.

How to Create your own Calendars Online

There were lots of moment when I wanted to have my own Calendars with pictures of me and my family on it. Not saying that it wasn’t possible back then but it was pretty expensive at that time. Today I’ve confronted an excellent online web tool that allows you to create and print Calendars.

5 Free Websites to help you wake up in the morning

If you happen to spend a night on the road for a business trip or just looking for a free online alarm clock that can help wake you up at your desired time then check out some of the most useful online free web applications that can get the job done for you. OnlineClock.

Easiest way to create free Business Cards online

It doesn’t matter what business you’re into but for further recognition, contacts and to make a good repution of it you will always need a business card. I have recently stumbled upon a very cool website that will allows you to generate a free business card online within a matter of seconds. FreePDFCards is as easy is it seems.

Web Based Document Editing Tools

Being a full time blogger I can’t imaging doing my work by installing software on my PC. I really enjoy the comfort of free online services when it comes to editing my pictures and documents. Recently I’ve collected a few document editing tools which will allow you to collaborate on platforms such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and HTML.