Google Updates this Week (20th to 25th October 2008)

This week has been a rather active week for the folks at Google.

You can now publish to your Blogger blog directly from iGoogle. Additionally, you can now choose to embed comments below your post inself instead of having them on a new page.

At long last, Google Analytics is being integrated with Google Adsense. Adwords has had the integration with Analytics since a long time.

Google Analytics itself has seen the addition of several features that really help you study your site visits better.

For people like me who keeping checking their email while on the move, Gmail Mobile 2.0 has been released. This is a major update over 1.5, with support for multiple accounts. No longer do I need to use Google Apps Mobile. Mail can now be sent in the background and basic offline support has been included. Go to m.google.com/mail in your mobile browser.

Canned Responses have been added to Gmail. These are basically standard replies that you can save and use whenever you want. Really useful when you want to send the same responses over and over again!

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