Conversations – Now on Google Reader

Google Reader isn’t really my favorite feed reader since I prefer Feed Demon for this purpose. However, I know a lot of users who swear by Google Reader mainly because it is online and accessible from anywhere. Last year Google Reader added the ability to share feeds and added a sharing bookmarklet to make this task even easier.


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Three pieces of code to replace WordPress plugins

While WordPress plugins are really useful, you don’t need plugins always to add certain features to your themes. Here are a few code snippets you can add to your theme files to display recent posts, random posts and recent comments. Recent Posts The following code will enclose the latest 10 posts in an unordered list.

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Automattic acquires IntenseDebate (WordPress Wednesday)

In an announcement on their blog, Intense Debate stated that they have been acquired by Automattic. IntenseDebate is a comment system that enhances and encourages discussion on your blog or website. This is done via comment threading, replying via email and an ability to import and export comments.

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