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Ten must-use Windows Shortcuts (Windows Wednesday)

If you are using Windows, the number of shortcuts that Windows presents you is phenomenal. You even have the option to create your own shortcuts to launch applications.

Here are ten shortcuts that can improve productivity:

Windows Key + R

Open the Run window

Windows Key + F

Open the search window

Windows Key + E

Open Windows Explorer

Windows Key + 1, 2, …

Launch the various applications in the Quick Launch bar. (Works only in Windows Vista)

Windows Key + L

Lock your Windows Desktop

Ctrl + C

Copy a file / folder that is selected. Infact this shortcut works in almost all applications in Windows and several other operating systems

Ctrl + V

Paste what is present in the Windows Clipboard

Ctrl + X

Cut / move a file / folder to another location. Hitting Ctrl + V after this will move what is on the windows clipboard.

Windows Key + T

Cycle through the tabs in the taskbar. Hit Enter when the tab you want is highlighted.

Alt + Tab or Alt + Shift + Tab

Switch between various open windows. Alt + Tab allows you to cycle from left to right and Alt + Shift + Tab cycles in the reverse order.

The ten shortcuts above are definitely not exhaustive. However, these will be ones that you would use more often than others. If you are still using your mouse to navigate, then practicing these will really work wonders in speeding up the way you work.

Do you use all these shortcuts above? What are your favorite shortcuts?

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