Speed up your typing tasks with PhraseExpress


If you're regularly blogging, or even just writing, it is important to maximise your speed of typing. Learning touch typing is an important step towards improving productivity. However, if you're not an expert at touch typing, or would like to speed up still further, then using an autotext software is a very good solution.

Quickly launch Programs and perform Tasks with HotKeyz

I love my mouse, but even more I love using the keyboard. My experience is that once you start using the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts, you tend to work faster, thereby improving your productivity. If you're using Word, Excel or just about any application, you should learn to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible.

Ten must-use Windows Shortcuts (Windows Wednesday)

If you are using Windows, the number of shortcuts that Windows presents you is phenomenal. You even have the option to create your own shortcuts to launch applications. Here are ten shortcuts that can improve productivity: Windows Key + R Open the Run window Windows Key + F Open the search window Windows Key + E Open Windows Explorer Windows Key + 1, 2, ...