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Goals for 2009

The first half of 2008 was a dead period for the blog. With me tied up with MBA activities, I simply didn’t have time and the blog got neglected. I decided to work on reviving the blog and post August has seen a steady flow of posts.

Has Digg really “unbanned” those banned sites?

It has been observed that previously banned sites don’t appear in the popular lists even now and a good number of new posts that are submitted are landing up in buried lists minutes after they are submitted. Muhammad Saleem tries to seek answers when he asks Has Digg really “unbanned” those banned sites?.

She Bought Votes on Digg

In a bid to prove that Digg could be gamed, Annalee Newitz of Wired News created a “pointless” blog with absolutely no useful data and pictures and submitted it to digg. She then bought diggs on User/Submitter and managed to get the story on the homepage before it got buried.