Clean Up Your Digital Music Library With TuneUpMedia

If you download music from the internet or rip CDs without checking their tags, there is a good chance your music library is in a haphazard state. There will be songs there without the proper titles, tags, or cover art. If you start manually correcting this issue and begin to manually sort out your library, you will end up spending hours on the task.


Five Free Registry Cleaners

A while back I covered Three Freeware Tools to Defragment your Windows Registry. These tools are just a subset of a huge variety of tools available to clean and optimize your registry.

The Windows registry is an integral part of your computer and is also the most used portion of your computer. Over a period of time the registry collects a lot of junk entries and gets bloated. A direct result is the slowing down of your computer.

So, what causes these problems?

A regular computer user would open documents, Excel sheets, text files etc. during normal usage. You would occasionally move these files to different locations of your computer, or delete the ones your don’t want. All these actions leave stray entries behind in the registry.

If you’re into testing software which requires installing and uninstalling software regularly, then you’re going to find another set of stray entries left behind.

So, how does one clean the registry?

Cleaning the registry manually is a tedious, if not impossible process. Hence, over the past few years, we’ve seen a series of both free and paid software being written for this purpose. In this post I’ll cover five completely freeware applications that you can use to clean up all obsolete and junk entries from your registry. These need to be run at regular intervals, maybe, weekly or fortnightly, depending on your computer usage.

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