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Label Merge with Microsoft Word 2007

A long time ago, I wrote a tutorial on creating custom labels in Microsoft Word. Creating a custom label is necessary only if you don’t plan to use the many inbuilt label templates.

The next step after creating a custom label is the actual label merge process. If you are familiar with Mail Merge, the process is almost similar.

You can start merging labels by going to the Mailings tab followed by Start Mail Merge and selecting Labels from the drop down that appears.

We next select the Label we want. You can select labels from different vendors or select one of the custom ones we created.

Next step in the process is to select the recipients. You can either create a new list, select from an already existing one or select from Outlook contacts.

I recommend using Excel to create your list of recipients. This is a preferred method as you can have a ready database of contacts. I selected an Excel file containing my list.

Here’s where we come to the actual label creation. The Mail Merge system uses Merge Fields for creating the labels. These are basically fields like Name, Address, Salutation etc. This would be usually the headers of various columns of your Excel file.

Under the Mailing tab, select Insert Merge Field then select the various fields that you wish to use.

After you are done with inserting the Merge Fields you want, you can Update Labels.

The last step of the Label Merge process is of course Finishing. You can either Preview Results, Auto Check for Errors and create the individual pages.

Word will create a new document with the merged values and all you need to do now is print this on the label pages.

Was this tutorial easy to understand? What other tutorials would you like to see here on Techtites? Let us know.

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