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Why won’t I upgrade to WordPress 2.0

Here is what some people think about it: – Mike Little’s entry – Robert’s entry – TheBisch’s Post And since Owen has asked why, I thought I might answer it. I’m currently running WordPress 2.0 on my demo blog.

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So it’s Yahoo WordPress

WordPress Dev Blog reports that Yahoo Small Business will now offer WordPress for its users. Yahoo has gone ahead with more than just the default installation of WP. It also includes Akismet with a Pro-Blogger Akismet License.

Yahoo unveils RSS e-mail folder

AP reports: Yahoo has introduced email folder which will fetch data from RSS feeds that you specify. This comes as a major move from the traditional method of receiving emails as well as the usual method of fetching RSS feeds and displaying it on a web page. Currently in beta with plans to release it to a portion of their customers.