Update I missed this, but Donncha has already taken care of this request 🙂

For those new to WordPress, in versions 1.5.x and below a nice feature for creating teasers was available while posting.

It was called the <!--more--> tag.

I haven’t tried 1.6 but here at WordPress.com this doesn’t work. As a result I have long long posts on my index page when I could just have a small starter with the rest of the post on its seperate page.

When I don’t run the WYSIWYG editor (which I don’t like) I can enter <!--more--> using the quick tags, but unfortunately when I save the page, it is removed 🙁

This is a request to the folks at WordPress.com to add the functionality back again.

I hope other users who miss this will also join me in asking them for it 🙂

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