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WordPress.com Launches Domain Registration and Mapping

WordPress.com today released Domain Registration and Mapping for your WordPress.com blog.

This is a paid addon. Only mapping with your existing domain is $10/year. If you don’t have a domain name you can register and map it for $15.

There was a time I would have taken this service. However, I no longer maintain and update my WordPress.com Blog as much as I hoped to.

Besides, I prefer having complete control over my blog and have plenty of space to host any future initiatives.

But, it could work out to be a very useful service for those who want the convenience of hosting their own blog, letting someone else do all the maintenance and having your own domain as well!
Look at it as a blog hosting service at $15/year. You won’t find such a low-priced host anywhere 😉

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  1. hi IM trying to set up a blog,with spell check and register a domain, could not do so ..why? help please

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