WordPress Picks for the Week [03/24]

Shortlink trick

Simple piece of code to utilise any shortlink plugin that implements the “get_shortlink” function properly.

Minimum WordPress Theme Requirements

This one is for all you theme authors who end up missing some rather important elements in your themes.

Declare Multiple Widgetized Areas

This one is a really good set of code when you have a theme that has multiple widgetized areas.

Create Your Own Image to Change The Default Gravatar in WordPress

The title is rather explanatory. The default gravatar is activated when your user has not signed up for Gravatar.com

How To Diagnose And Fix Incorrect Post Comment Counts In WordPress

It does rarely happen, but in case you find a miscount in the comment count being displayed and the actual number of comments, then here is how you fix it.

Allow upload of more file types

WordPress restricts the filetypes that you are allowed to upload to your blog. Here’s how you can activate more filetypes.

WordPress functions.php Template with 15 Essential Custom Functions

This one is self explanatory! You may not need all of them, so you should pick and choose the ones that would serve your blog the best.

List Posts by Category In Navigation

A simple function to display a list of posts and the category they belong to in the sidebar or similar.

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