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Software Saturday: PortaPutty

Almost everyone who has SSH access to their accounts will be well aware of PuTTY which is a free Telnet and SSH Client.

PuTTY has saved tonnes of time because using shell is a definite time saver over most other methods.

If you have just one site to manage, then it isn’t a problem. However, if you have several sites to manage, then over a period of time you would have a lot of sites stored in PuTTY. This is all perfect until you decide to reinstall your Operating System.

PuTTY stores the data in the registry, precisely at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSimonTathamPuTTY. You can always backup this registry key before reinstalling and simply restore it. Or you can use portaPutty.

portaPuTTY is a hacked version of PuTTY that stores all its information in files, not in the registry.

The ability to store information in files instead of the registry ensures you do not lose data even when you reinstall the operating system. I’ve dumped the contents of the zip into a folder on my second partition, so it isn’t touched.

portaPuTTY can also work as a version of PuTTY you can lug around in a USB drive. It ensures that you can access your sites from any public terminal without having to worry about the passwords being stored.

Download PortaPuTTY
Download PuTTY

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