Should be working in IE6 now

I complained about a major bug with this design in Internet Explorer 6. The sidebar kept scrolling to the bottom.

I didn’t have IE6 with me and hence was stuck. Tracked down Luminus who spent a good deal of time and bandwidth over his bad internet connection patiently hitting Ctrl+F5 everytime I asked him to.

And, I was finally able to debug the problem. For those interested, this was caused because I missed the overflow: hidden in the #content div.

Additionally the advertisement to the top was placed within the content div causing the page to be stretched. IE6 got confused with the CSS (it never understands the idea of width and just expands any content greater than the width of the div. So it conveniently pushed the sidebar to the bottom.

To solved the problem I did two things. One, move the ad outside the #content and added the overflow: hidden.

The problem should be fixed now and you will be able to browse this site without any problem in all major browsers and operating systems.

If you do find a problem, please do comment and let me know. It’s difficult with the limited access to browsers that I have!


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