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Make custom beer labels with labeley.com

Are you a regular beer drinker? Or, do you just love those labels on the bottle. Now, you can create your very own labels using Labeley.

Labeley provides a clean and smooth interface that allows you to easily add a background, put some foreground images and text. Here’s a logo I created to test out the interface. No, I am not creating a new brand of beer!


Labeley has a good selection of sizes for your label, foreground and background images and several font sizes plus ready text effects. The interface is beautifully designed. It is designed completely without flash and so you can run it in just about any browser or operating system. The app allows you to even upload your own images and backgrounds which brings an even greater deal of customisation.

What I would love to see is the ability to add more than one image, as well as move the images around the label. It could allow the app to evolve from more than just a simple beer label creator to a full fledged label maker.

So, how about I use the above image as the new logo for Techtites?

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