The Fastest Way to find Datasheets

Some of you might be aware that I started my career as an engineer working for one of the largest engineering companies. Although the details of what I did there are far in the past, I still remember hunting for datasheets for chips and other components. The hunt wasn’t easy as you need to Google out pretty much every datasheet.

Search ebooks online with is a free search engine that provides an option to search for and download various (pdf,doc,ppt,rtf,xls) documents. The search engine’s crawlers have harvested a huge database files through different open Internet resources such as blogs, forums, BBS and others.

How I Get My Medifast Diet Blog Ranked in the Search Engines

I started my nutrisystem and medifast diet blog around 2 years ago, when I hardly knew anything about SEO or the search engines. The only thing I knew about search engines then was that I use them to find information online. Now, as a blogger who has worried about traffic generation for years I have had to face the reality of what traffic means for bloggers, and how important the source of traffic is when it comes to getting results.

Maximize Your Twitter Search Results with Scoopler

Having recently jumped onto the Twitter band wagon – I quickly came to realize that Twitters simplicity is also its downfall. Sure you can place tweets on your personal space for others to view but after a little while you’ll realize you need to talk with other on topics that are current, primarily because that’s how you’ll meet other people too! However, for a content heavy site like Twitter it boasts one of the most weakest search functions I’ve ever seen on any website.

Search and View Images on Flickr with online 3D viewer

Flickorama provides a cool Flickr 3D viewer that allows you to search and view pictures from Flickr as a 3D photostream. You can view these images in horizontal and vertical angles. You can even manipulate the photostream back and forth, left or right with your mouse, hence creating the 3D effect.