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How to restart your Amazon Kindle

Just yesterday my wife told me that for some weird reason her Kindle wasn’t responding. We had it fully charged, but all that we could see was a blank screen… almost blank cause I could make out some light shade of the e-Ink.

Experience with just about any computer or electronics device is that reboots usually fix the problem. And I wondered if it worked with the Kindle.

The Kindle has a cool method to restart the device if you should ever need to do so.

Kindle Paperwhite

You can press the power button for a little over 20 seconds and the device should restart. It is surprisingly long and it looks like nothing is happening.

So, go ahead, press the button and count up to 20. Ignore the flashing light of the power button (if it does do so) and once you’ve counted up to 20, release the power button.

Your Kindle should restart. It will display your start-up screen and finally you should see the screen displaying all your books.

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