Google Play Games

Featured Gaming Addon: Google Play Games

Google Play Games

This app isn’t a game, but a very important gaming addon that can definitely change the way you play!

Google Play Games app is the easiest way for you to discover new games, track achievements and scores, and play with friends around the world. It brings all your gaming on Google Play together in a unified Android experience.

Key features include:

  • Discover great games
  • Play with your friends, and see what they’re playing
  • Join multiplayer games
  • Track your achievements
  • Compare scores with other players

Developers can make their games social with Google Play game services. Games can have achievements, leaderboards, real-time multiplayer, and other popular features using the Google Play game services SDK.

If you’re a frequent gamer and know that many of your friends are also on Android devices, then it’s a great addition to enhance the social aspect of your games.

Download Google Play Games from the Play Store

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