Chatwing Chat App – Your Multi Functional Sidekick Online

Installing a dynamic and efficient chatbox on your blog is a great way to increase visitor interaction.


Chatwing chat box has undergone many developments and it’s been known online for four years now. Chatwing developers have always been open to suggestions and keen with the latest online trends. The team never stopped improving the chatbox to fully satisfy web surfers and to always offer something new to Chatwing users.

From being a literally simple chat widget, Chatwing chat software retains it simple interface to remain user friendly but despite the simplicity it is fully equipped with numerous options that allows you to be flexible in reaching global contacts and attracting more website visitors.

Chatwing is your ever reliable online sidekick because it can provide you with all the ‘backing up’ you need for a higher visibility rate online. It can connect you real time with thousands of web surfers without hassle. You can also expand your online contacts easily because of Chatwing’s multiple log in methods. No new registration will be required from your blog visitors, they just need to provide their current social media account- Facebook or Twitter- or their Yahoo mail or Gmail accounts. This in turn makes your site accessible and you on the other hand can create a database which is essential for future website activities like marketing and research.

You only need to activate the word filter options for automatic deletion of profane terms. If this isn’t effective enough, your second defense is to ban permanently obnoxious web users real time. You also have the option to start group chats wherein you can choose the web surfers you want to interact with, this is through Chatwing’s vanity URL form.

You can use Chatwing chat app in many ways- marketing, advertisement, branding, customer service, social network expansion, to name a few. Overall, it is a great method to add more interaction on your site.

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