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XHTML Compliant Code for your SpringWidget


Feedburner recently added support for SpringWidgets.

When trying to add the widget to my site, I realized that SpringWidgets is using the embed tag. e.g. my widget

Now, the embed tag is obsolete in XHTML, i.e. if you use it, then the W3C Validator will throw errors.

Here is what you can do to solve that…

In XHTML in order to embed flash we have to use the object tag. Normally, this would have been simple, but SpringWidgets requires the feed url to be passed using the flashvars attribute of the embed tag.

The XHTML equivalent when using object is to do the same using using the param tag with name FlashVars.

So before you start your code, here is what you will need to do.

Configure the RSS Widget with the size you want and the feed you wish to embed and generate the code for the same.

The main things you will need are:

  • The source of the embed, usually
  • the value of flashvars attribute; for me it is file= Reader.sbw&
  • the width and height

Use the code below to embed your file.


You will need to replace the value of the FlashVars param with your code, as well as the value of the href value of the a tag with that of your own.

Once you are done with this, you will be able to view your widget. Here is mine:

Get this widget!

I think I will write a WordPress plugin for this The Springwidgets Plugin is now available! 🙂

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  1. Hey… You rock!

    this is Don from SpringWidgets.

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to pass this on to Jesse so that he can see about incorporating this into the official SpringWidgets site.

    If you get around to writing a WordPress plug-in or would like to help us make the process easier for Bloggers to use on services that we either don’t cover or don’t cover well enough, please stop by the site and leave us a message on the forums or send me an email at don -at- fimlabs -dot-com.

    We’ll make sure and give you some kudos on the site.



  2. Hi Don,

    Thank you 🙂

    I’ll get you the plugin within a day or two, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement as I have made something similar in the past.

    Would be great to see this implemented on the SpringWidgets site.

    Will set you an email and pop by at the forums as well.

  3. Ajay-

    Thanks for your intrest in springwidgets. The reason we currently use the embed tag is that many sites, MySpace most notably strip out the object tags. The code that is currently generated is \”myspace friendly\” we do have plans to allow users to choose if they want to use xhtml complient object tags or the embed alone.

    I’ll Look at your plungin on Monday Cool stuff =).


  4. Hi Jesse,

    I can understand about the embed, because even Google Video gives you the similar code.

    Guess, people don’t realize the importance of standards… then again I’m a stickler!

    Anyway, the code is out here, the plugin is on my main site.

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