WPTavern is looking for contributors

Back in January, Jeffro announced that WPTavern may no longer be regularly updated. However, over the past few weeks, I’ve been following the new posts at the blog by the new owner.

And, yesterday WPTavern opened its doors to writers worldwide to contribute to making the website a highly successful WordPress community.


In the near future, WPTavern will become an authoritative website. It’s not about publishing 100 articles a day, but publishing content that is interesting and, providing research/back story to that content. I like to think of WPTavern as an ongoing diary as to what is happening within the world of WordPress. However I’m opening up this diary/platform to the community. There will be caveats of course such as all content passes before me before it’s published. Guest authors will receive a Contributor level account to make things easier for the author to manage their posts.

So, if you’re interested in contributing your knowledge on WordPress do find your way over to WPTavern.

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