WordPress.com Open

Matt writes:

We’ve decided to open up WordPress.com for signups without invites for a bit. The service has been scaling very well since we got the problems from the move worked out. With that done and WordPress 2.0 in its final stages, there is a lot more time to focus on some cool features and common requests for WP.com now. (The design there has been updated, but is still just a placeholder.)

With that you no longer need to have Flock to get a WordPress.com blog nor do you need an invite.

Well, that does mean my one invite shall go in waste… 🙁

Also, those interested in using Akismet have easy access to getting their WP.com API key.

However, the problem I raised about having dead signups at WP.com just to get the API key will just elevate.

Until Akismet is made API free or until some kind of generator is used to generate the keys freely (or maybe by having registrations on Akismet.com) this problem will remain.

Unless ofcourse this is a planned method of increasing the number of blogs being used out here on WordPress.com


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