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WordPress Wednesday: WordPress Vulnerability in 2.0.5 Downwards

Techtites Daily: WordPress Wednesday

This is a different kind of WordPress tip, but a highly essential one. A little towards the end of last year, David Kierznowski discovered a minor security flaw, a flaw nonetheless in WordPress version 2.0.5. It is possible that all lower versions are affected as well.

It was notified to the WordPress team and Mark Jaquith was quick to respond with a fix.

However, there has been no public announcement of the vulnerability and a fix as well from the WordPress team, which is not only shocking but also extremely irresponsible on their part.
I do understand the reason of wanting to keep this all hush-hush would be to get out a release in time. But, something like this is bound to spill and it has. v2.0.6 is said to be not vulnerable, but that isn’t out yet!

Instead of getting a patch ready ASAP, the change has been made in the Trac system, which is beyond any non-programmer.

To get your installation patched open up templates.php in wp-admin.
Goto Line 114 and replace the entire line with:
echo "<li><a href='templates.php?file=" . attribute_escape($recent) . "'>" . wp_specialchars(get_file_description(basename($recent))) . "</a></li>";

I’m not sure if this is the exact fix because I get a Call to undefined function: attribute_escape() . I can’t edit any files out there. But, I believe I won’t be hacked 😉

Now to wait for 2.0.6 which I guess should be coming really soon.

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  1. Thanks!
    I have completed the work!

  2. attribute_escape() is a new function, and equates to wp_specialchars($text, 1). The important part of that fix is the wp_specialchars() call that wraps the output of get_file_description(basename($recent))

    I’ve marked 2.0.6 as ready for release. It should be going out very soon.

  3. Thanks for the update Mark.

    I guess we can wait for 2.0.6 since it should be out in a day or so?

  4. Either that, or you can download it from SVN right now (though as you said, high geek factor there). I e-mailed Matt about 3 hours ago giving my stamp of approval for a 2.0.6 release, so I’m guessing it’ll go out within 24-48 hours.

  5. Guess I can wait it out as well. Don’t have svn client installed yet on the server.

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