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WordPress Wednesday: Targeting Chitika Ads with UTW

Techtites Daily: WordPress Wednesday

I wrote about Chitika being an additional revenue stream. By default Chitika is non-contextual. And if you are running Adsense, then you have to run Chitika in this mode.

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

Running the ads should not be too much of a problem because the code is easily embedded in any page you wish.

However, what you will notice that since Chitika is not contextual, all your pages on your blog/site will show the very same Chitika ads. This directly translates to reduced clicks because if e.g. your visitor is reading a post on laptops, he would be more likely to click on a laptop ad, instead of an iPod ad.

Thilak write about targeting Chitika using the title of your post.

I have a better solution to target Chitika. This involves using the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin.

If you are using UTW (if not, then you should be) then you will be tagging all your posts with tags. We will use these tags to generate the chitika keywords.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a default format of UTW that would work with what Chitika needs and so had to build the format myself.

The Chitika keywords line is the one with ch_queries. We will modify the same with:

var ch_queries = new Array( <?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("", array ("default"=>", '%tagdisplay%'", "first"=>"'%tagdisplay%'","last"=>", '%tagdisplay%'", "none"=>__("iPod","laptop") )); ?>);

default is the manner in which all the tags will be shown. We have set it to ", '%tagdisplay%'", which will basically display the tag preceded by a comma.
first as the name suggests controls the display of the first tag. We don’t want a comma here.
last controls the display of the last tag. It is set same as default.
none controls what will be displayed in case no tags have been set. I’ve set it to display iPod and laptop.

The code above will display your keywords as a comma seperated list.

You can extend the functionality still further by adding a list of comma seperated tags you want to display by default in addition to the tags by UTW. An expample for the code is below. Thanks to Everton for pointing this out.

var ch_queries = new Array( <?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("", array ("default"=>", '%tagdisplay%'", "first"=>"'%tagdisplay%'",'last'=>", '%tagdisplay%'", "none"=>__("iPod","laptop") )); ?>,'playstation', 'zune', 'movie', 'mp3 player');

Do give this is a shot on your blog and give me your feedback. If you don’t have a Chitika account you can signup here.

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  1. I have already blogged about it and submitted it to Digg

    Really great example on how to use UTW. I normally talk about how it can be used for SEO purposes, but great to see it used for other things.

  2. Thanks for the submission Andy. I’ve added you as a contact on Digg and MyBlogLog

  3. Oh Thanks great, now I need to debug UTW and get it working on my blog.

  4. why do you need to debug?

  5. NIce article. I’ll definitely give this a try on some of my product wp sites. Nice work.

  6. I don’t know why it hates my blog.

  7. @Ken, Glad you liked it. Do spread the word about it.

    @Thilak, what exactly is the error with it?

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