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WordPress Plugin Competition

WLTC is hosting the second WordPress Plugin Competition

Rules and Details

  • All code must be GPL
  • Running time for competition = 2 months starting the 1st of June till the 31st of July.
  • True WordPress plugins only. No manual modifications can be required of users.
  • You cannot submit plugins that have been released already.
  • All plugins require documentation as in the WordPress Extend pages.
  • Preliminary support for the plugin has to be provided to the public.

I will be joining Mark this time as a judge of the competition. Well, that means I won’t be able to submit any new plugins that I plan on releasing.

Well, but being a judge is really cool 🙂


  1. Great news I am working on a idea for a cool plugin and will definitely enter this competition. I already have one more completed after the BCM but it still in testing phase so will add that too.

    Thanks for the info Ajay.

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