WordPress Picks for this week [10/11]

Quick WP tip: pagination classes

Yoast guides you through a quick way of styling WordPress’ internal functions next_posts_link and previous_posts_link.

Five Ways to Change Your WordPress Password

Maybe you’re regularly forgetting your WordPress Admin password, or maybe this is your first time and you’re totally clueless as to how to proceed? Then, this article is for you!

Jeff tells you five different methods to go about changing your WordPress password. As for me. Well, I haven’t forgotten my password ever. I just change my password from my user page.

Reply to Comments, Gravatars, French, Italian, and More !

If you’ve got a Blackberry and are happily using the WordPress application for Blackberry, then you have some good news. You can now reply to comments from within the application. You can also open the author’s link directly in your Blackberry browser. I just prefer my laptop for composing posts. Am not much of the travel and blog person, especially when there is Twitter.

Create a Free Email Newsletter Service using WordPress

WordPress is so much more than a blog software it used to be a few years back. It’s progressed into a CMS and with the power of plugins you can do just about anything, short of cleaning your house and cooking your food!

In this article, wpbeginner teaches you how to harness the power of Feedburner to create a weekly newsletter that your visitors can subscribe to.

Publicize: Twitter

If you’re still using WordPress.com to blog and you also Twitter, then promoting your posts has just been made easier by the new Publicize feature.

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