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WordPress Picks for this week [10/04]

Adding a block of HTML to a WordPress post

If you use HTML when you post, then you will realise that WordPress has its own way of dealing with it. Which means that you can either use a host of plugins or just give up and take what you get. scriptygoddess guides you to using shortcodes in adding blocks of HTML in your WordPress posts. You can just add the code into the functions.php of your theme.

How to Add a Live Facebook Share Button to Your WordPress

Facebook is an extremely powerful marketing tool and if you aren’t already using it to its fullest, then you definitely are missing out on something. This tutorial provides you with tiny snippets of code that allow your visitors to promote your blog posts on Facebook

Easy Shortcode Permalinks

A tutorial on using shortcodes instead of absolute links to pages. Not something I recommend, unless you’re in the habit of changing the permalink structure of your blog regularly.

Restrict Pages in WordPress to Require a Login

A simple method of using custom page templates to restrict private / “subscriber only” pages from general users.

The Best-Of Series: Contact Forms

James is back with yet another list, this time of of popular contact forms that allow your visitors to send you an email, while protecting your email address from spammers. Which one of these are you using?

Is A Plugin Validation Team A Pipe Dream?

Just a few days back, I released a security fix for Ajax Edit Comments. In fact, I am pretty sure that a huge number of plugins in the WordPress repository are not perfectly secure. Jeffro raises a very important question / suggestion of a team be created that will validate plugins, just as there is a team that validates themes on WordPress. However, it does mean much longer turnaround times. Also, I don’t think that it is possible for a team to be validating every line of code in every update that is posted.

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