WordPress Picks for this week 09/26

We’re back this week with a few picks for some of the really good articles in the world of WordPress.

How to: Breadcrumbs in WordPress

A breadcrumb are simple navigational elements that break up your site structure, allowing a user to navigate through your site, similar to hitting the Up button in Explorer. There are quite a few plugins that allow you to add breadcrumbs to your WordPress blog.

But, if you want to cut down on your plugins, then Gilbert shows you how you can go about this with simple PHP code. You can easily add the code to your themes functions.php.

How to display Today’s Date in WordPress

This is a complete beginner level tutorial of doing. A short snippet of code added to where you want to display the date.

<?php echo date(‘l jS F Y’); ?>

The Best-Of Series: SEO Tools

James in his article on WLTC points you to five plugins for WordPress Search Engine Optimization. Remember it is his opinion, what’s your pick?

Precision targetting with WordPress Action Hooks

One of the better articles on creating your own custom WordPress action hooks. A good guide for plugin authors. If you’re out to hacking your WordPress install, then I suggest subscribing to the “Digging into WordPress” feed

And, the best one for the week is:

The Definitive Guide To Using WordPress as a CMS

Ozh guides you through four simple steps of using WordPress as a CMS.

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