WordPress Picks for the week [11/15]

Managing Comments With Ajax Edit Comments

A new version of the very popular plugin Ajax Edit Comments is out. In this guest blog post by Ronald, the founder of Ajax Edit Comments, tells you in pictures all the new features of the plugin. The power that AEC gives you is phenomenal. If you are not using it on your blog, then I suggest you grab it asap.

Excerpts and taxonomies for pages in WordPress 2.9

Learn how to utilize the add_meta_box() functionality available in WordPress 2.9 to add an excerpt box and custom taxonomies.

How to Secure Your New WordPress Installation

So you’ve decided to blog. And you’ve decided to power it with WordPress. It is important that you ensure that the blog is secure. Jeff gives you a few good tips that will help you with the initial security of your blog.

How to Disable HTML in WordPress Comments

Help reduce the effects of spam by completely removing HTML support from comments. Remember, this will also disable HTML for genuine commenters.

Send article to a friend by email

A simple snippet of code that you can add to your blog post that will allow a visitor to send the post to their friend. This will prompt their Outlook or Thunderbird or a mail client on their computer. Page in French

Lastly, if you haven’t heard yet, WordPress 2.8.6 has been released. This is a security release and though it may not affect all users, you should upgrade your WordPress now.

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