WordPress Picks for the week [11/01]

We’re back this week to give you some of the best articles in the world of WordPress.

5 Free ways to bulletproof your WordPress site

Make your site usable, accessible and secure. Essential pointers to ensure that you’re blog is ready.

Plugin compatibility on the WordPress Repository

In a bid to get people to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, the plugin repository now has a brand new feature.

Compatibility View on the WordPress repository

You can now choose the version of your WordPress and the plugin and choose if it works or not. The first few weeks are going to be in data collecting phase. You’ll need an account to vote

How to fudge page excerpts

This is a very simple tutorial that will teach you how to remove img tags from a custom excerpt. You won’t be using this too often, but whenever you try to display the excerpt for a post.

Custom fields for HTML in post title

One drawback of WordPress is that it doesn’t take care of HTML in your post title. It will display nicely on your website, but will get messed up in your feed. This article will teach you how you can overcome this limitation with a simple bit of code.

Multiple Featured Content Galleries

scriptygoddess teaches you how to hack the Featured Content Galleries plugin to display more than one Featured Content Gallery.

Know of any good article on WordPress, or have you written one? Tell me about it.

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