WordPress Picks for the Week [03/31]

Looking forward to WordPress 3.0

You’ll see a lot of posts in the blogosphere about the upcoming release of WordPress. Justin Tadlock gives you a list of new features that you can really look forward to. For me, I’d like to see optimisation!

Show your top contributors without a plugin

Simple snippet of code that you can add to your functions.php of your theme to display the top commenters on your blog.

10 Free WordPress Plugins Every Blog Needs and 5 Bonus Plugins

I don’t use all of them! But, are definitely worth the look.

Database Powered CSS in WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes that support options can help you customise your theme to a much greater degree. While I won’t recommend this on daily production blogs since it had a time to load each page, for theme authors, here’s how you can make your themes more dynamic.

Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0

We had posts and pages, then we had “posts” for images and now we have custom post types for anything and everything you choose! So with WP 3.0 you can have a custom post for that special image, for the gallery, for chat or well, for counting apples on a tree!

Scaling WordPress Part 1: Using MySQL Replication and HyperDB

This one is not for the faint of heart. This is geared towards blogs with thousands of hits daily. Here’s how you can configure WordPress to read through multiple databases so as to speed up loading of pages for your users. I hope one day this site causes me to do this!

Automatically replace content in PRE tags by HTML Entities

When you are posting code, WordPress doesn’t automatically encode HTML entities. But, this piece of code can fix things for you.

Remove/Replace Content from the WordPress Database

Here is where you can take your baby steps on messing your WordPress database.

11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site

The mobile web has already caught on and if you haven’t already (we haven’t), here’s how you can get your blog more mobile friendly. You’ll need just one of these methods of course.

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