WordPress Picks for the Week [03/17]

Add Fuzzy Timestamps To Your Blog

By default, WordPress shows you absolute times of your posts. But, here’s how you can add a "personal" touch by displaying something like "Posted yesterday" or "Posted 4 hours back".

Most Wanted Twitter Hacks and Plugins for WordPress

If you’re not publicizing your blog on Twitter, then you’re definitely neglecting a major promotion tool. Here are some popular tweaks that you help you harness the power of Twitter

How To Integrate jQuerry Scroll To Top Control in WordPress

Here is how you can add a button using jQuery that will allow your visitor to immediately scroll to the top of the current page.

WP Comments Notifier

An open source application written in QT/C++ that alerts you when new comments are posted on your WordPress blog (works well with WordPress MU too), It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have new comments,It also includes features that allow you to manage/reply/edit your comments directly from your desktop.


Get rid of unused post revisions

A simple query to delete all the post revisions along with the associated meta from your database. Remember to backup.

Shortcodes in Widgets

With one line of code in your functions.php, you can enable shortcodes in widgets as well.

Add Classes to post_class

3 methods to do that

More Twitter Shortcodes for WordPress

If you’re keen on integrating twitter on your blog, here’s two sets of shortcodes that you can use for displaying twitter search results and twitter trends

6 Ways to Display WordPress Post Content in Multiple Columns

Multi colum themes are the rage especially with magazine themes. If you’re making your own theme, here are several methods to go about this multi-column design.

Get rid of unused shortcodes

Shortcodes remain in the post content even when you stop using them. Find and replace your waste shortcuts using this method.

How to Add an Author Info Box in WordPress Posts

This one is ideal for multi-author blogs, where you would like to add information about the author as on each post.

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