WordPress Picks for the week [02/10]

Resize the image sent to the server

By default, WordPress resizes your images when you upload them to the server. However, it still retains the original image and you can link to this. It is a good practice to resize your images before uploading them to the server. While you can handle this manually, this snippet of code will let WordPress handle the resizing. English translation.

Custom CSS Per Post

Some snippets of code to style a post separately. You wouldn’t obviously be using it for every post, but for some that are close to your heart.

Don’t include wp-load, please

I love this post. This is something I implemented recently in my plugin Where did they go from here?

Display Search Term and Result Count in WordPress

This is the first step on customising your search results page

Insert posts programmatically

You’d definitely not want to do this always. But, you can easily code the same into any file and easily add a new post into the database.

WordPress 3.0 Custom Background Support

WordPress 3.0 adds support for a custom background. Here’s a tip on implementing the same in your themes.

Have you made a recent WordPress post. Let us know about it.


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