WordPress Picks for the Week [01/17]

Preventing WordPress Plugins From Loading

Ronald gives you a simple hack to prevent plugins from loading, or more like selectively enabling plugins.

WordPress tip : How to change the dashboard footer text

This won’t be something that you will doing regularly. But, if you’re a developer, it would be perfect to brand the control panel of your client’s blog.

Core Plugins

Jeff gives you the possible future, developments and the possible issues with the proposed core plugins.

Include the Category ID via post_class

By default, the post_class template tag includes several class names except for the category ID. Here’s how you can add it.

How to Display an Author List with Avatars in WordPress Contributors Page

Lots of code out here that is ideal for multi-author blogs. Something similar is going on Techtites soon!

How To: Display Your WordPress Category List in Multiple Columns

As the post title states. This is ideal for displaying in your footer or in a separate page. Not a good idea if you’re putting it into your sidebar.

How To Include CSS and JavaScript Conditionally And Only When Needed By The Posts

Again a self explanatory post. This one is ideal for plugin authors whose plugins load CSS and/or JavaScript. e.g. a comments plugin should only load

How to load JavaScript like a WordPress master

Four ways to load JavaScript. Which one do you use. Am still stuck on Youngling!

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